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Glass balustrade for your terrace

Glass balustrade for your terrace

ClickitUp® and CiU® Fixed are variants of glass balustrade that can be ordered for installation on the ground level. The balustrade must not be installed where there is a outcome risk.

To be able to sit more often and enjoy your patio protected from the wind, you can choose our height adjustable glass balustrade, ClickitUp®. We now have a fixed glass balustrade too, CiU® Fixed, in the same elegant and stylish design that can easily be combined with ClickitUp®. Both will fit perfectly on your patio or balcony.

What glass balustrade do you need for your patio?

What glass balustrade do you need for your patio? With or without wind protection? ClickitUp® and CiU® Fixed are perfect to combine – mix as you like.

We have gathered some worthwhile information, installation videos and a pdf that guide you when need to plan, order and install ClickitUp® Glass balustrade for the ground level. Click here to get to BUILDING HELP

Glass balustrade for Balcony

If the outdoor environment is located near to outdoor hazards, then ClickitUp®Balcony or CiU®Balcony Fixed should be used. Both variants of glass balustrade are tested and meet the most stringent test requirements on the market.

You choose, with or without wind protection or why not combine them both?

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