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Wind protection of glass for your balcony

Would you like to sit and enjoy the pleasure of a windstill balcony? If you have a balcony then ClickitUp®Inside makes this possible with its adjustable height function.

ClickitUp®Inside is a solution that gives you the opportunity to retrofit glass wind protection inside your existing balustrade.

Glass balustrade inside the existing balustrade

ClickitUp® Inside is available in two designs, ClickitUp® Inside400 and ClickitUp® Inside1100. It’s the fixed glass that differentiates the variants.
See the illustration below.

The variant of ClickitUp®Inside that is appropriate depends on the existing installed balustrade. In the photo below the existing balustrade is a wall-to-wall glass balustrade and then ClickitUp®Inside400 should be chosen.

If the existing balustrade is not wall-to-wall then ClickitUp® Inside1100 is the variant to choose.

Read more about the different variants of ClickitUp®Inside.

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