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Quality and safety in focus

As a forward thinking company, quality issues are constantly in focus at ErgoSafe, the company behind ClickitUp® glass balustrades. We have several different product groups which places high demands on us as a supplier. We believe that it is seld-evident that we should relate to and live up to these demands. In order to meet these demands, we have chosen to attain SS EN-1090 certification which is an EU directive that manages load-bearing structures of steel and aluminium as well as associated component selection and manufacturing processes. Thus, there is a declaration of performance for ClickitUp® Balcony (declaration of performance). All development and production take place at our production facility in Halmstad, Sweden.

Our balcony models of ClickitUp® are tested by RISE according to SS-EN12600:2002 heavy impact, test report, and pursuant to British Standard BS6180.

Watch the video recorded in our development department that is shown above.

Life cycle testing of all bonded joints is performed together with Sika to ensure functionality and strength. Testing is ongoing and is performed several times a year in Sika’s laboratory.

In order to guarantee functionality and quality, we have also built our own test lab where we conduct load testing on component parts as well as heavy impact testing.

CE-marking, building standard & testing

Height adjustable ClickitUp® is CE marked according to the machinery directive which is a European directive 2006/42/EC

Nordic Balcony Association

As part of ErgoSafe’s quality work, the company applied for membership to the Nordic Balcony Association in 2016 and was elected a member in the same year.

The Nordic Balcony Association works for a high manufacturing quality at member companies, from planning and design to installation on site. ErgoSafe is a member of the Balcony Association to ensure it complies with all quality and safety requirements.

ClickitUp® has a design and construction that is design protected.
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