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– inspired by innovative thinking

A few years ago, Fredrik Johansson, ErgoSafe’s CEO, founder and partner, had a vision that it should be possible to blur the line between outside and inside. This vision symbolises his way of working.

Fredrik has, through his innovative way of thinking and his personal commitment, lead the product development of ClickitUp®. The ambition was for ClickitUp® to give a flexible outdoor environment, where it’s possible to enjoy the outside for long periods of the year. But it did not stop there. The further development of ClickitUp® has continued over the years to meet users’ needs of glass balustrades. Read more about our glass balustrades here.

In 2013 ErgoSafe was awarded Innovative company of the year in Halmstad.

ClickitUp® has a design and construction that is unique on the market and the product is designed protected by ErgoSafe AB. Design right 002416248. 001-005. 3/3 2014

ClickitUp® has a design and construction that is design protected.
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