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ClickitUp®Glass balustrade

A premium glass balustrade with focus on design, quality, safety and function

ClickitUp® glass balustrade has been developed based on the ambition to combine design, quality, safety and function in one. The stylish silhouette of the glass balustrade is derived from the combination of glass, aluminium and the bonding technique of structural glazing – which means the glass is bonded directly on the aluminium profiles. This combination produces the glass balustrade’s minimalist feel where the transparency of the glass is centre stage. ClickitUp® delivers virtually a crystal-clear view.

The glass balustrades’ height adjustment is realised through a semi-automatic gas strut mechanism. The wind protection is clicked up in one simple action, locking the weather protection on the patio, terrace or outdoor seating into place. ClickitUp® – the height adjustable variant is the original.

The above combination makes ClickitUp® exclusive. “Our product is a completely new and unique type of glass balustrade,” says Fredrik Johansson who is CEO of the ErgoSafe – the company who designed and developed the product ClickitUp®.

We now have a fixed glass balustrade too, CiU Fixed, in the same elegant and stylish design that can easily be combined with ClickitUp®.

ClickitUp® – with or without wind protection?

ClickitUp® glass balustrades are supplied as ready-assembled sections. These sections are linked together during installation to form one system with the help of double top caps and double baseplate mounts.

ClickitUp® is the result of successful product development. The material and components have all been carefully selected and specially developed to withstand rugged climates and the high expectations of the market.

ClickitUp® has been developed over the years and today there are several variants of the glass balustrade. Today it is possible to get ClickitUp® both with and without wind protection. The glass balustrade has also been developed to support different installations. Read more about the different variants of glass balustrades under our glass balustrades.

ClickitUp® is designed protected by ErgoSafe AB. Design right 002416248. 001-005. 3/3 2014 and all manufacturing takes place in ErgoSafe’s premises in Halmstad.

ClickitUp® has a design and construction that is design protected.
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