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One glass balustrade – several versions!

To help you make the very most of your outdoor space, we’ve developed five versions of our glass balustrades. For a wind shelter that won’t obstruct your view, we have our adjustable-height balustrades, ClickitUp® and ClickitUp®Balcony. We also have a fixed-height balustrade in the same elegant, clean-lined design – the CiU®Fixed and ClickitUp®Balcony Fixed, which you can also conveniently combine with the adjustable-height balustrade.

Both of them are perfect for your patio or balcony. If you already have a balustrade but want to add on wind shelter, we have the ClickitUp®Inside.

If you run a restaurant and want to offer guests a weather-safe outdoor dining environment, ClickitUp® is a popular alternative. Your guests will be protected from the wind and rain inside a warm and cosy glazed patio that can be used well into the evening and late into the year.


CiU®Fixed is a fixed glass balustrade in an elegant and stylish design.
Can be combined with doors and height adjustable sections.

Prices from

EUR 250

per metre

ClickitUp® height adjustable

With ClickitUp® you get a clear view.
When the wind picks up you only need to click up the wind protection.
Can be combined with doors and fixed sections.

Prices from

EUR 690

per metre

Tested for your safety

We test ClickitUp® according to SS-EN 12600:2002 Heavy impact so that you can feel confident that our products maintain a high standard on the market. Read more about our quality.

Glass balustrades for different needs

Our stylish and elegant glass balustrades are available for use at the ground level and on the balcony. We have also adapted the glass balustrades for use on the inside of existing balcony balustrades. This applies to both the fixed glass balustrades CiU®Fixed and the unique height adjustable glass balustrade ClickitUp®.

ClickitUp® ideal for everyone

Regardless of whether you need a glass balustrade for your house, tenant-owned apartment or restaurant, ClickitUp® has suitable solutions.

House owner
ClickitUp® glass balustrades are available in several variants and are perfect for your patio and/or balcony

Apartment owner
Do you already have a balustrade on your patio or balcony, but would like to add wind protection?

Restaurant owner
Many restaurants use ClickitUp around the outdoor seating to protect their guests from the weather and wind

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