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Glass balustrade for balcony

Would you like to increase the chances of more days and evenings outdoors? With ClickitUp®Balcony you can create a calm oasis on your balcony or terrace. ClickitUp®Balcony gives you an attractive and stylish balcony or terrace.

ClickitUp®Balcony is the height adjustable glass balustrade that is adapted to and satisfies the most stringent test requirements on the market. ErgoSafe, the company behind ClickitUp® Glass balustrade, is RISE certified in accordance with EN-1090, a European standard that concerns load-bearing structures of steel and aluminium. The product is tested at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) concerning heavy impact and wind loads for your safety.

A premium glass balustrade

ClickitUp® Balcony is sold customised, maximum width measurement is 1800 mm per section. The lower fixed laminated glass is 8.76 mm toughened glass and the upper movable section consists of 6 mm toughened glass. Curved section is available as a corner solution

In the lowered position, the glass balustrade is 1100 mm high. The movable glass is 800 mm, which gives the balustrade a total height of 1900 mm in the raised position. ClickitUp® Balcony in the raised position also has a sound dampening effect. The aluminium profiles are as standard natural anodised. At an additional charge, the profiles are available in a black anodised finish.

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